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For immediate release                                                     13 July 2014



FNF Response to Breakthrough Britain II


The findings of the Centre for Social Justice report Breakthrough Britain II, to be published this week, support the position which Families Need Fathers has campaigned on for many years; that social policy does not adequately promote the inclusion of fathers after separation.


It states that the average 15 year old is more likely to have a Smart Phone than their father at home, and estimates that family breakdown costs the British economy £50 billion a year. The report, amongst other recommendations, calls for the 2009 Welfare Reform Act Schedule 6 to be implemented to enable unmarried fathers to put themselves forward as fathers on birth certificates without requiring the mother’s approval.

Dr Craig Pickering, Spokesperson for Families Need Fathers, said, “This report rightly highlights the serious gap between the importance of co-parenting after separation, and the policies which prevent many families from achieving this. Support for separated families is still heavily focused on a lone-parent model which prevents many separated fathers from playing a greater role in their children’s lives. This damaging imbalance has negative consequences for children, families and communities, and the Government needs to take notice of the recommendations in this report and implement them.”



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Ross Jones, Policy & Communications Manager 0300 0300 110

Dr Craig Pickering, Spokeperson 07949 637323


Note for editors:

Click here for the Centre for Social Justice press release on Breakthrough Britain II.

Families Need Fathers (FNF) is a registered charity providing information and support on shared parenting issues arising from family breakdown, and support to divorced and separated parents, irrespective of gender or marital status.  


Our primary concern is the maintenance of the child’s relationship with both parents. 

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