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FNF_Media The full transcript of Sir James Munby's speech to the Families Need Fathers AGM is now available on our website:
FNF_Media RT @fatherhoodinst: Why it's time to Bring Fathers In...please read and share our new blog #bringingfathersin
FNF_Media RT @ullainoxford: @FNF_Media Please get in touch if interested! V v keen to include dads' experiences. thank you
FNF_Media RT @MissJoEdwards: At the start of @ResFamilyLaw DR week #abetterway "@TimesLaw: Revealed: shocking cost of divorce for children http://t.c…
FNF_Media RT @TIPSLtd: @BickiepegsCo @FNF_Media @elainehanzak The National Parent Guide can now be accessed online at: http://t…
FNF_Media @SVPhillimore @Familoo Yes, we will look to post a summary of the day and this is one of the aspects that will be covered in a workshop.
FNF_Media Legal aid procedures causing problems for the Family Court, according to President of the Family Division:
FNF_Media Our Central London branch meeting tonight has moved to The Penderel's Oak, High Holborn, WC1V 7HS. More details here:
FNF_Media Could any dads help with a study on experiences of looking after children when they are ill? More details here:
FNF_Media RT @StoweFamilyLaw: Legal aid skewing family courts, says senior judge
FNF_Media @Familoo @SVPhillimore Really interesting, an issue many of our members face. Will be exploring this in more detail at our AGM on Sunday.
FNF_Media "I know how 'Kafkaesque' the Family Court can be" -
FNF_Media A big thank you to Sir James Munby, our workshop hosts and all the attendees at our AGM yesterday for a really interesting, engaging event!
FNF_Media @Familoo @SVPhillimore More data on what happens in cases once they leave the courtroom would be really valuable, in this area in particular
FNF_Media RT @fatherhoodinst: Reach out to dads & boost child outcomes via #bringingfathersin Pls RT @fnforg @fnf_bpm_cymru @F
FNF_Media Further coverage of Sir James Munby's speech at the FNF AGM in Family Law Week @familylawweek :
FNF_Media Coping with Separation: FNF article in the latest edition of the National Parent Guide (page 92-93) @TIPSLtd
FNF_Media Need guidance or support about seeing your children after separation? Find details for our December meetings here:
FNF_Media RT @cmoptions: We can help dad's too to make informed decisions about child maintenance arrangements - see for more …
FNF_Media Ever used mediation, or considering starting? You could help with research to improve services: @Innovation_Unit

FNF HSSF Kite Mark Award

Families Need Fathers has been awarded the Help and Support for Separated Families Kite Mark which is a new UK government accreditation scheme for organisations offering help to separated families.

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