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Welcome to Families Need Fathers

FNF is a charity chiefly concerned with the problems of maintaining a child's relationship with both parents during and after family breakdown. We offer information, advice and support services to help parents to achieve a positive outcome for their children. Our Forum and our network of over 50 UK Branches also offer the pro-bono guidance of solicitors and others familiar with the family courts.

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If you require detailed information or individual support for your case then please consider joining FNF - where as a member, you will gain access to our Forum in which experienced Volunteers, including solicitors and McKenzie Friends can answer your questions.  Another option is for you to visit your nearest FNF Branch where meetings are run by experienced and knowledgeable Volunteers who are ready to help you.  Some of the more established branches run solicitors' clinics for the benefit of our members.  We also have a telephone Helpline which can provide a more general form of support.

Membership of FNF costs £39 (or less if you opt for recurring payments).  This is less than a few minutes of a typical solicitor's time - and it lasts for a year.  We think you will quickly appreciate the value of the information and support that we provide.  Why not join now?


FNF_Media @Familoo @SVPhillimore More data on what happens in cases once they leave the courtroom would be really valuable, in this area in particular
FNF_Media RT @JordansFamLaw: Presumption of parental involvement to come into force on 22 October 2014: The President of the Fam...
FNF_Media Really interesting article on parents' experiences representing themselves in the family courts:
FNF_Media RT @TCMFamilyLaw: @FNF_Media sharing your good work. Chair of FNF's Central London Branch details how his branch helps parents
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FNF_Media Need guidance or support about seeing your children after separation? Find details for our October meetings here:
FNF_Media "Is a 'friend' in court a good thing?"
FNF_Media @Familoo @SVPhillimore Really interesting, an issue many of our members face. Will be exploring this in more detail at our AGM on Sunday.
FNF_Media RT @TIPSLtd: @HuffPostUK @DaddyNatal @FNF_Media @FnfLondon Dads matter more than you know (no surprise to me but...) :
FNF_Media In-court advice centres to be provided nationally to help unrepresented litigants:
FNF_Media @fnf_bpm_cymru Not sure how that happened, but happy to be following again!
FNF_Media RT @fatherhoodinst: Reach out to dads & boost child outcomes via #bringingfathersin Pls RT @fnforg @fnf_bpm_cymru @F
FNF_Media RT @jrf_uk: Government 'family test' policy will recognise grandparents, says Iain Duncan Smith: (via @Telegraph)
FNF_Media A new FNF meeting starts in Cornwall this Wednesday at 7.30pm. Click here for more details:
FNF_Media @SVPhillimore @Familoo Yes, we will look to post a summary of the day and this is one of the aspects that will be covered in a workshop.
FNF_Media A big thank you to Sir James Munby, our workshop hosts and all the attendees at our AGM yesterday for a really interesting, engaging event!
FNF_Media Need guidance or support about seeing your children after separation? Find details for our November meetings here:
FNF_Media Ever used mediation, or considering starting? You could help with research to improve services: @Innovation_Unit

FNF HSSF Kite Mark Award

Families Need Fathers has been awarded the Help and Support for Separated Families Kite Mark which is a new UK government accreditation scheme for organisations offering help to separated families.

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